Features of the dyeing control system of the overflow dyeing machine
Jan 22, 2019

The dyeing bath of the overflow dyeing machine is relatively small, and can achieve very ideal leveling effect in the dyeing process. The machine has been widely used for bleaching, refining,dyeing and washing of various thick, thin, natural or synthetic fiber blended fabrics.  

In practice, the lifting speed is infinitely variable transmission, and the reduced type of this model is particularly suitable for the processing of spandex fabrics.


During use and operation, the control system has a significant impact on the quality of the overflow dyeing machine.


Therefore, in order to further improve the performance of the equipment, PLC can be used to construct the electromechanical control system of the dyeing machine, so that it can meet the requirements of control and precision, and can also take into account the quality of dyeing products, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and ensure a convenient site operation to meet modern large production requirements.


From the production point of view, the application of the control system not only improves the stability of the overflow dyeing machine, but also improves the product quality, and the cost of system operation and maintenance is also

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