Fabric dyeing machine work efficiency and labor intensity
Sep 10, 2018

The fabric dyeing machine can be effectively divided into batch dyeing equipment and continuous dyeing equipment. The intermittent dyeing equipment has simple structure, low price, convenient operation, less mechanical failure and easy maintenance; but the fabric entering and exiting dyeing machine needs manual operation and labor. High strength and low yield. His minimum dye bath ratio is 1:20. It is mainly used for dyeing knitted fabrics.


The middle part of the cylinder of the fabric dyeing machine is matched with the partitioning plate. When the operation is performed, the cylinder body is effectively divided into two parts, and the connecting valve III connecting the two sides of the cylinder block is installed at the bottom of the cylinder body below the separating plate, and The connecting pipe V is installed in the middle of the main connecting pipe connected to the nozzle, and the left end of the total connecting pipe of the nozzle is connected with the additional pump disposed on the left side of the cylinder through the connecting valve IV, and the other end of the additional pump is connected with the third set at the bottom of the right side of the partition plate. Through the valve, a discharge valve is arranged at the bottom of the cylinder on the left side of the isolation plate, and the main pump is arranged in parallel.


The fabric dyeing machine effectively saves water resources, improves work efficiency, achieves the purpose of washing and recycling water, reduces the water used for pre-treatment, dyeing and washing, and is used in dyeing machines of two tubes, four tubes, six tubes and eight tubes. Can be used, thereby reducing waste water discharge, improving water utilization, not affecting the quality of grey cloth dyeing, and reducing production costs.

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