Fabric dyeing machine structure and characteristics of use
Aug 23, 2018

Structural features of fabric dyeing machine

The biggest feature of the fabric dyeing machine in its operation is that it has been upgraded and upgraded on the traditional dyeing machine in terms of operation, and its roller-type traction is rotated and raised, which makes the operation more convenient and energy-saving.

Scope of fabric dyeing machine

The fabric dyeing machine is suitable for the dyeing of fabrics such as ready-to-wear, fur, seamless underwear, socks, scarves and the like to some extent.

Fabric dyeing machine features

The fabric dyeing machine is suitable for knitting under high temperature and normal pressure conditions or for pre-treatment and post-processing of woven textiles, and its soft processing state, so as to ensure that the material is not damaged and does not occur during operation. Hair, suitable for different materials and processing.

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