Fabric dyeing machine operation requirements and temperature rise
Sep 03, 2018

When dyeing the fabric dyeing machine, the cover should be closed before the temperature rises, and the operation of the grey cloth in the machine can be observed from the glass sight hole at any time, and the abnormal sound and phenomenon of each part of the machine are checked. At 50 to 60 ° C, the disperse dye is dyed very slowly or substantially without dyeing. When the temperature is above 80 °C, the dyeing speed is increased. Therefore, the temperature rise between 80 and 130 °C should not be too fast.

The speed of the fabric dyeing machine should not be too fast, so that it can avoid the occurrence of wrinkles and chicken prints. Therefore, the cooling rate must be strictly controlled. The general heating rate is based on the principle that the temperature of the fabric changes by no more than 1~1.5 °C (refer to the main stage of the temperature rise and fall). The general dye bath depends on the model and structure of the equipment.

Fabric dyeing machine operation requirements

1. The dyeing machine operator must go through the safety training and pass the exam before going to work.

2. Work properly and be tidy and meet the requirements before working.

3. Check the condition of the dyeing machine before working every day. If there is a safety hazard, do not operate the dyeing machine.

4. When operating the steam to heat the water, open the control valve not too urgent, and cover the cylinder cover to prevent boiling water burns.

5. When doing hanging dyeing, all parts of the body should not reach under the hanger to prevent the hanger from falling off and hurting people.

6. Keep the fire passage clear, do not block the passage, and clearly clear the area of water at any time to prevent falls.

7. Water, electricity, steam, and equipment must be shut off after the end of each day.

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