Fabric dyeing machine nozzle selection
Jan 01, 2019

Fabric dyeing machines often need to be equipped with suitable nozzles. According to the process requirements, nozzle diameters are usually available in 50, 60, 70, 80, 100mm. Sometimes users need to process extremely thin or extra thick products, and also allow machinery. Manufacturers offer nozzles of <50mm or >100mm.


For example, when using a fabric dyeing machine to print thin and light fabrics, it is recommended to select a nozzle with a diameter of 50 mm. For general fabrics, such as polyester/viscose medium-length wool-like fabrics, polyester gabardine, crotin, beef belly cloth, T/C, N/C and other blended fabrics, their weights are between 150 and 300 g/m2. It is advisable to select a nozzle of 60 or 70 mm.


For post-heavy fabric products, it is recommended to choose a 100 mm nozzle, or even an extra large nozzle of 100 mm or more. In general, the diameter of the nozzle is chosen to be slightly wider than the diameter of the rope (wet) of the fabric. The thicker the fabric, the more attention should be paid to this to prevent the nozzle from getting stuck during the dyeing process. Secondly, the nozzle must be carefully removed. Finally, fabric dyeing machines that use double and multiple tubes are best matched to the weight and length of the fabric in each tube when the cylinder is

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