Energy-saving and Eco Dyeing Machine control process design
Jan 04, 2019

The energy-saving and Eco Dyeing Machine realizes high-efficiency dyeing operation, which not only saves resources obviously, but also is more green and environmentally friendly. In the structural design, the advanced technology such as adjustable anti-vortex jet technology and three-stage storage technology is added, together with energy-saving control technology and new process controller application, which greatly improves the program optimization of various dyeing and finishing parameters. And automation.

In the process of using energy-saving and Eco Dyeing Machine, the control system has a higher automatic level, mainly through the PLC system to achieve temperature control, water inlet control, drainage control, overflow control, dyeing circulation control, main pump for dyeing process of dyeing machine. Multiple control procedures such as motor control, cloth motor control, and nozzle control are used to achieve the specific requirements of the dyeing process.

In this way, the temperature of the dyeing liquid can be adjusted according to the requirements of the dyeing process, thereby ensuring the efficiency and quality of dyeing of the energy-saving and Eco Dyeing Machine. According to the above control requirements, the control flow chart of the energy-saving and Eco Dyeing Machinee can be designed.

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