Energy-saving and environmentally friendly dyeing machine material and feeding and return valve adjustment operation
Dec 26, 2018

In fact, the chemical materials used for dyeing polyester disperse dyes and feeding operations have relatively standard requirements, because both will affect the dyeing quality of energy-saving and environmentally friendly dyeing machines to some extent. Since the disperse dye itself is a nonionic hydrophobic dye, some other additives are often added. This will affect the solubility of the fuel.


Secondly, it should be noted that when the dye is added to the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine, the speed and concentration should also be controlled. It has been proved that it should be diluted to 1:10 (that is, 1kg of dye or auxiliary should be diluted with 10kg of water). It should not be less, then slowly inject it into the dyeing machine in about 5 minutes, and it should not be too urgent.


In the operation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly dyeing machines, it is usually mainly the use of a return valve to control and regulate the operation of the fabric and the distribution within the machine. Practice has proved that the valve I should be relatively larger, and the valves II, III, especially the last valve III, should be opened smaller. After the valve II is normally adjusted, even if the processing products are not changed greatly, It can be fixed. In short, the dyeing liquid in the machine should be fully inclined to overflow, which is the characteristic of the overflow jet dyeing machine.http://

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