Energy-saving and environmentally friendly characterization of high-temperature dyeing machines
Feb 06, 2019

High-temperature dyeing machine is a kind of environment-friendly dyeing equipment with small bath ratio and energy saving. It can be used for dyeing and pre-treatment of different fabrics. It is especially suitable for the processing of some high-grade fabrics, such as microfiber fabric, hemp fabric, polyester and The blended fabric and the like require a small tension, a soft and full-featured processing. It can also be used for scouring and bleaching of pretreatment, alkali reduction treatment, and the like.


Compared to conventional dyeing equipment, high temperature dyeing machine equipment is unique in that it changes the traditional habit of driving and changing the direction of the fabric by the guide roller, and the main and auxiliary injectors are used to complete the work. Therefore, the dyeing solves the contradiction between the linear speed of the guide roller and the rotation speed of the cloth which has been difficult to avoid in the past, prevents the deformation of the fabric in the circulation of the fabric, and eliminates the tear and rubbing of the fabric at the guide roller under high temperature conditions. Injury, wrinkles, dyeing, etc.


Moreover, during the dyeing of the fabric by the high-temperature dyeing machine, the tensile tension of the fabric can be minimized, so that the original bulkiness of the fabric can be maintained, and the softness and the hair feel can be maintained to have a unique effect. It can be adapted to fabrics such as ultra-thin imitation silk fabrics and medium-thick polyester cotton. It does not cause entanglement and slippage, and shortens the dyeing time.

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