Electrical control design of ht dyeing machine
Jan 11, 2019

The structural design of the electrical control system of the ht dyeing machine mainly includes three parts: first, the dyeing machine control flow design, followed by the system hardware structure design, and finally the system main circuit design. Among them, the control system is mainly in the structural design, which mainly realizes various control requirements for the dyeing process of the dyeing machine through PLC.


In general, in order to ensure the quality and efficiency of ht dyeing machine, its control system should have temperature control, water inlet control, drainage control, overflow control, dyeing circulation control, main pump motor control, and cloth lifting. Motor control, nozzle control and other control functions to achieve the dyeing process requirements, so that the dyeing temperature changes according to the dyeing process temperature curve. According to the above control requirements, a control flow chart of the dyeing machine can be designed.


Next, according to the control flow chart of the ht dyeing machine, the hardware structure diagram of the control system is designed, which can clearly and clearly express the connection between the hardware in the dyeing machine control system. Through the hardware structure diagram, you can familiarize yourself with the relationship of various components and lay a solid foundation for control system design. Then according to the hardware structure block diagram of the control system, combined with the relevant mature overflow dyeing machine electrical design, the main circuit of the dyeing machine electrical control can be

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