Efficient function of fabric dyeing machine
Jan 17, 2019

In actual production, users can choose different types of fabric dyeing machines. As far as the existing functions of the equipment itself are concerned, the dyeing machine of the fabric can fully guarantee the dyeing process of the conventional fabric. Moreover, the dyeing cycle is also shortened, and the yield can be increased to ensure the dyeing quality of the fabric.


From the user's point of view, high efficiency, energy saving, low emissions have become an essential function of the new fabric dyeing machine. Moreover, the application requirements of the equipment are no longer only satisfied to improve production efficiency, but also solve energy consumption and environmental protection problems. When the dyeing is completed, the steam valve should be closed and the cooling water should be turned on to cool down. When the cloth is released, the cylinder head needs to be opened. It must be displayed on the pressure gauge without pressure. The temperature can be opened below 80 °C, the machine stops running and the steam source is cut off to avoid burns.


Next, a sample inspection should be carried out. After the confirmation is correct, the sewage can be discharged, and the water is cleaned before being discharged. If the appearance is not accurate, the feeding should be repaired, and the safety operation rules of the fabric dyeing machine should still be

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