Effect of cloth capacity on dyeing quality of high pressure overflow dyeing machine
Jan 17, 2019

During the working of the high pressure overflow dyeing machine, the level dyeing situation of the fabric surface is one of the important factors affecting its quality. Under normal circumstances, the dyed fabric of the high-pressure overflow dyeing machine has uniform color, fullness and good hand feeling, which can meet the current requirements for fabric processing.


Among the many influencing factors, the cloth capacity of the high pressure overflow dyeing machine will have a certain impact on the dyeing quality of the machine. This range of dyeing machine equipment has a maximum nominal capacity, and this nominal capacity is not suitable for any fabric. Therefore, in actual production, it is necessary to determine the actual cloth capacity of the dyeing machine according to the thickness and width of the fabric.


That is to say, if the width of the fabric is uniform, the lighter the mass, the smaller the capacity. This is because if the light-weight fabric is fed in accordance with the nominal capacity of the high-pressure overflow dyeing machine, it is likely to cause the fabric to be too long, and the cycle period during dyeing becomes long, which is prone to disorder and cause fabric

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