Eco Dyeing Machine technology principle and application
Feb 08, 2019

The dyeing of the fabric by the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine can be regarded as a process of dyeing the dyed fabric in the gas-liquid mixing chamber by means of the special mist-like dyeing liquid, and the circulating airflow is used to pull the dyed fabric to perform the cyclic motion. The key technologies involved are: dyeing nozzle, gas-liquid mixing chamber, circulating fan, variable-section storage tank, dye distribution system, dyeing temperature control system, flow control system, feeding control system, etc.


The main process of energy-saving and environmental protection dyeing machine is: pre-treatment, mainly including desizing, scouring, bleaching machine alkali reduction process, followed by dyeing, post-treatment and soft finishing.


Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine is a new generation of high-efficiency energy-saving dyeing equipment. Compared with ordinary dyeing equipment, it can not only improve the “one-time success rate” of dyeing, but also save water and energy saving effect. At the same time, it can also reduce the amount of sewage produced, and the processed fabric feels better than ordinary overflow or jet dyeing.

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