Eco Dyeing Machine booting and feeding operation
Jan 12, 2019

Before driving the Eco Dyeing Machine , it is necessary to check and clean the sieve screen. At the same time, confirm that the thermometers, pressure gauges and other instruments are in good condition. Check and confirm that the motor, circuit, and lighting system are intact. In addition, if the mirror glass is found to be broken during the inspection, it should be replaced immediately. Also check the various valves (steam valves, safety valves, recoil valves, traps and individual water valves) and steam lines are intact. In particular, the safety valve must work properly.


Depending on the type of fabric, before operating the Eco Dyeing Machine, it should be determined that the selected nozzle is suitable for the process requirements. Check the cylinder head screws. If they are not complete, they will be filled immediately. Tighten the cylinder head screws and tighten them diagonally before tightening them all. Open the cooling water valve of the main pump mechanical seal before entering the water to prevent overheating and damage.


After the Eco Dyeing Machine is running, check whether the cylinder port will cause the hooking before entering the cloth. Pay attention to the appropriate impulse. Then dissolve and add dyeing materials, additives, should pay attention to avoid splashing people (especially caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide). Remember, you should not dye the fabric and the

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