Dyeing treatment and manufacturing requirements for high temperature dyeing machines
Oct 22, 2018

The high-temperature dyeing machine is basically made of stainless steel during the production process. The equipment has the advantages of simple speed regulation and no noise in the speed regulation, and is suitable for processing cotton to a certain extent. Blended seamless underwear, linen, silk, rayon and stockings. The paddle mainly presents the mixing of the dyeing liquid in different directions in the positive direction, so that the staining can be presented as a floating dyeing state, the whole dyeing is also very uniform and the penetrating force is relatively strong, and no damage is caused to the staining.

The high-temperature dyeing machine is suitable for bleaching, washing, dyeing and scouring garments such as acrylic, woolen sweaters and cotton sweaters. Of course, it can also be used for bleaching and dyeing of daily necessities such as socks, gloves and towels. A dyeing machine, and the dyeing machine can also automatically perform timing and complete the positive and negative cycle mixing work. Even a small dyeing machine can perform dyeing of three different color samples at one time.

High-temperature dyeing machine is also suitable for finishing dyeing of knitted fabrics, seamless underwear, nylon socks, sweaters and blends. The whole process is very safe and reliable without any noise. The service life of components is also very long.

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