Dyeing quality and control points of the overflow dyeing machine
Dec 29, 2018

The reproducibility and dyeing quality of dyeing in the overflow dyeing machine is important, but it is important to develop a reasonable dyeing process, but more importantly, eliminate the human influence factors, improve the equipment control function, and control each pair more accurately. The quality has an influential parameter. Through the whole process of the dyeing process, the whole process is controlled by a certain program, and the controlled dyeing is realized on the function of the device.

Function and control points of the overflow dyeing machine

The pressure and flow rate of the overflow dyeing machine are two important parameters, which are mainly determined by the main circulation pump to some extent. The flow rate is necessary to ensure that the dye is dyed and exchanged with the fabric, and must be large enough to be as small as possible during a particular dyeing process. It is completely controlled by the main pump. Pressure for the overflow jet dyeing machine refers to the pressure generated by the nozzle; for the cheese dyeing machine, it refers to the internal and external pressure difference of the cheese, but the total pressure is still provided by the main pump head.

The overflow dyeing machine has a large contrasting fabric and a fast dyeing process. The flow rate is required to be large. For the light fabric and the delicate fabric, the spray force is required to be small, while for the fabric with a larger weight, it is required. To have enough flow, there must be a strong jet force. Therefore, flow and pressure should vary depending on the fabric and

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