Dyeing process of fabric dyeing machine
Jan 06, 2019

Dyeing and dyeing machine In the process of dyeing and finishing all kinds of textiles, the general process flow can be summarized as: pre-treatment, desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing, printing and post-processing. The dyeing process is one of the important processes in the dyeing and finishing process, which is related to the quality of textiles and plays an important role.

Briefly, the dyeing process of a dyeing machine mainly refers to the process of diffusing the dye in the dye liquor to the fabric immersed therein and gradually being absorbed by the fibers, ultimately forming the desired color of the fabric. Specifically, the whole process of fabric dyeing is required to perform a specific process curve according to temperature and time. In the process curve, multiple temperature control processes of temperature rise, temperature drop and heat preservation at different rates are required, including water, ingredients and feed. Intermittent control process consisting of auxiliary processes such as drainage and washing.

It should be noted that for different fabrics, considering the difference in characteristics, a suitable bath ratio and corresponding process curve should be selected. In short, in the dyeing process of dyeing cloth dyeing machine, the working temperature, auxiliary process, etc. must be accurately implemented according to the process curve to achieve the desired dyeing effect and ensure the dyeing quality of the fabric.

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