Dyeing process controlling of the high temperature dyeing machine
Jan 25, 2019

In order to achieve a good dyeing process, it is necessary to control the dyeing process of the high temperature dyeing machine. The temperature of the dye liquor, the injection of dyes and auxiliaries are all means of controlling the dyeing process. In addition, the density of air at normal and high temperatures changes, and the shrinkage of thermoplastic fibers at high temperatures also affects the initial cycle frequency of the fabric.


For these factors, process control should be implemented as long as it may affect the levelness of the fabric and the final effect of the high temperature dyeing machine. Dynamic controlling by PLC and computer through the detection of fabric motion. Dyeing process controlling, which has been involved in the distribution of dye liquor circulation, controls the fabric with high and low feeds.


Under normal circumstances, when using high-temperature dyeing machine equipment, users need to control the amount of liquid in the fabric according to the difference in the specific surface area of the dyed fabric fiber and the amount of water required for dyeing and washing to ensure a fast dyeing rate. The fabric achieves optimum leveling in the shortest possible

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