Dyeing method of dyeing machine
Jul 27, 2018

The dyeing machine can be mainly divided into two types in the dyeing method, one is pad dyeing; the other is dip dyeing.

1. Paddy dyeing: In fact, the fabric is directly impregnated for a short period of time, and then rolled back and forth by a roll to ensure that the dye can be uniformly distributed on the entire surface of the fabric to achieve the dyeing effect and purpose. This method of dyeing is large in that it is relatively high in normal efficiency, but is more suitable for dyeing woven fabrics.

2. Dip-dyeing: The fabric is also immersed in the dyeing solution. After a long period of time, the dye can be fixed on the surface of the textile. This dyeing method is suitable for all kinds of textiles, especially many can not withstand the tension, or Rolled various textiles. However, this method of dyeing is more commonly used in batch production mode, although it is relatively simple in the whole operation, but the production efficiency is not high.

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