Dyeing machine operation safety
Dec 28, 2018

When the dyeing task of the high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine is completed, it is necessary to close the steam valve, terminate the heat energy, and then open the pressure reducing valve until the pressure drops to 0(Mpa), and the temperature inside the dyeing machine is lowered to 85. Below °C, the cover can be opened.


At the same time, the sampling problem is also considered. It is usually required to use a double-tube or multi-tube dyeing machine for dyeing the fabric. It is preferable to take a dyed sample and a standard color on each tube. In general, the color in each tube should be the same, but sometimes the cloth length in each tube is different, or the heat exchanger is circulated abnormally, or the filter is not cleaned for a long time, causing partial blockage, or the feed concentration is high. Fast, and so on, will cause the color difference between the tube and the tube. Since the color difference is caused by these main factors, it is necessary to pay attention to the normality of these components in daily production, and find problems in a timely manner.


In addition, the dyeing machine should be overhauled once a year. The main components should be maintained and repaired once every six months. The wearing parts should be inspected and maintained once a month, and the daily cleaning work should be done. The service life of the machine ensures safe production and improves dyeing

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