Dyeing liquor ratio and pH control of high pressure overflow dyeing machine
Dec 25, 2018

In the dyeing process of high pressure overflow dyeing machine, it is very important to control the dyeing liquor ratio and pH value. First of all, for dyeing equipment, the dyeing liquor ratio is mainly determined by the dyeing and finishing enterprises according to the processed products in the formulation process, such as dyeing 60~100g/m2 weight of thin polyester fabric, the bath ratio is generally controlled at 1:12~1 Between 15 and 15, because the thin fabric is bulky and has a relatively long length, the bath ratio is preferably larger.


For the time being, the dyeing liquor ratio range of the high pressure overflow dyeing machine is usually designed to be 1:6 to 1:10. Of course, the quality of the dyeing can not be seen in isolation, and it is more important to see if the whole machine is designed properly. , its mechanical controllability and so on. From the perspective of dyeing and finishing, it is necessary to look at the overall dyeing quality to make the bath ratio appropriate.


At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether the PH value is reasonable. In fact, during the dyeing process of the high-pressure overflow dyeing machine, the lighter the color, the more sensitive the effect of pH is. From the perspective of dyeing and finishing, not only the disperse dyes are dyed with polyester, but also the acid dyes are dyed. In fact, it is indisputable that each dye should pay attention to the pH of the medium when

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