Dyeing and finishing state of overflow dyeing machine and application effect
Feb 05, 2019

The dyeing machine can make the hand feel softer and evenly colored after dyeing and finishing the fabric, so it is mostly used for dyeing of synthetic fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, elastic fabrics and the like under high pressure conditions. In recent years, it has also been gradually applied to the atmospheric pressure dyeing process of natural fiber fabrics. When dyeing with an overflow dyeing machine, the dye solution is taken out from the bottom of the perforated plate at the front end of the dyeing tank by a centrifugal pump, sent to a heat exchanger for heating, and then enters the overflow tank from the top.


During the operation of the overflow dyeing machine, the fabric is always in a relaxed state, which prevents the fabric from being criticized by wrinkles. Moreover, the machine is easy to operate and easy to use, but the bath ratio is large when dyeing, and the dye and water consumption are large. The machine can speed up the process of adding dyes and additives, shorten the dyeing process time, improve the dyeing quality and reduce the bath ratio.


In order to stack the dyed fabrics in order to enlarge the capacity and prevent the fabric from being entangled, a swinging device is specially provided. In short, the overflow dyeing machine has a simple structure, small bath ratio, quick filling of dyes and chemical additives, short dyeing time, effective prevention of pilling on the surface of the fabric, large storage capacity, better dyeing effect, improved work efficiency and reduced efficiency. The amount of sewage discharged, saving gas and electricity.


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