Dyeing and dyeing machine maintenance and repair
Jan 14, 2019

No matter which dyeing machine is used, it needs to be maintained and maintained during use. Good maintenance and maintenance can not only maintain the good working condition of the equipment, but also effectively improve product quality and reduce energy consumption. In addition to the daily standard operation, it is also necessary to ensure the sealing performance of the equipment and find that the air leakage is exchanged in time.


As a user, it is necessary not only to check and clean the dyeing machine equipment on a regular basis, but also to check the safety valve, thermometer and pressure gauge. If it is found to be inconsistent, it must be checked immediately to identify the problem and correct it in time.


In addition, the dyeing machine should be overhauled and repaired once, the main components are repaired once every six months, and the wearing parts are inspected and repaired once a month. Oil is added once a day to do daily cleaning work. The service life of the machine ensures safe production and improves the quality of dyeing every time. It is very close to avoid "small holes do not make up, big holes suffer hard", especially the production of workshops should be strengthened in

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