Drive device and operation requirements for fabric dyeing machines
Sep 17, 2018

The main feature of the fabric dyeing machine in the process of operation is that the shaft of the dyeing machine is provided with a shaft roll, the front end of the cylinder body is a cylinder head, and a warp shaft pressing device is arranged between the cylinder head and the cylinder block. The rear end of the body is provided with a warp beam driving device, and the warp beam driving device can drive the warp beam to rotate, and a plurality of through holes are arranged on the shaft winding, and a centrifugal pump connecting port for the dyeing liquid to enter is further provided on the shaft driving device. .


The fabric dyeing machine is mainly controlled by the driving device. When the fabric is wound around the warp beam, the frame is transported to the dyeing machine by the frame, and it is placed on the rotatable warp beam. When the dyeing is performed, the rotating warp beam is driven. The device is controlled to rotate at a fixed frequency in the dyeing tank, so that the dyeing cylinder only needs to be filled with part of the water, so that the whole fabric can be stained with the dyeing liquid while continuously rotating, and the dyeing bath ratio is greatly reduced.


The principle of the fabric dyeing machine is to roll the fabric on the porous warp beam cylinder, load it into the high temperature and high pressure closed dyeing tank, and use the high lift and high power pump to dye the liquid flow of the dye liquor in the system. During the liquid circulation process, the positive and negative interactions are made, so that the dyeing liquid completely penetrates the rolled fabric and completes the dyeing process.

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