Drawing process of water tank drawing machine
Feb 12, 2019

The water tank wire drawing machine can be used for drawing metal wires such as iron, aluminum and copper, and is widely used in the manufacturing industry and the construction industry to process wire in batches. Compared with other wire drawing machines, the water tank drawing machine saves electricity, has high efficiency, is easy to maintain, and is economical to use. The four reels of the machine are driven by a single motor. During the processing, as the wire is drawn up and down, the speed of the subsequent reels increases in turn.


In the working process, the disk material is from the incoming line to the finished product on the water tank drawing machine, and the whole drawing process is completed once, so the production efficiency is high and the operation management is very convenient. Remember, before the start of the spooler, check whether the air pressure is normal. After normal, install the spool and tighten it to close the safety gate of the spooler.


Then, adjust the running speed of the water tank drawing machine to a suitable range. If the water tank leaks, oil leaks, abnormal sound, uneven winding, etc., it should be stopped and repaired immediately during the production process. When replacing the spool, first press the inverter reset button, and then restart according to the procedure when driving normally.

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