Discussion on the reasons for blocking the high temperature dyeing machine
Jan 10, 2019

Once the problem of jamming occurs, it will not only affect the production efficiency, but also have some adverse effects on the high temperature dyeing machine. So under what circumstances is it easy to have a jam? First of all, if the nozzle is not adjusted, or the nozzle size does not match the thickness of the cloth, etc., it is very likely that the cloth will be blocked, which usually depends on the thickness of the cloth.


Secondly, in the process of adjusting and operating the high-temperature dyeing machine, the set nozzle pressure is too large or too small, and the guide wheel speed is too fast or too slow to cause the cloth to jam. This kind of situation is very easy to block the cloth, the nozzle pressure is too large, causing the speed to enter the cloth too fast, the cloth is piled up in the machine, and after the machine is running, it is likely to cause the cloth to knot. In this case, the speed of the guide wheel should be adjusted first. Slow, then adjust the nozzle pressure. The feed speed is too fast, and some machines are blocked by the cloth.


In addition, the pressure of the high temperature master cylinder is small or no pressure, the water level of the machine is too high or the foam is too much, the diverter valve is not adjusted well, or the cloth is too much. Be aware that high-temperature dyeing machines have their maximum capacity, and it is best not to feed too

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