Different dyeing forms of the yarn dyeing machine
Jan 20, 2019

As the level of yarn dyeing technology continues to increase, more and more dyeing methods can be used, the most common of which is hank yarn dyeing. hank yarn dyeing is a dyeing method in which spun yarn or filament is converted into a frame skein on a shaker and then dyed in a yarn dyeing machine.


The dyeing of cheese yarn requires winding the spun yarn or filament on the bobbin, then placing it on the dyeing column of the yarn dyeing machine, putting it into the dyeing machine of the cheese, and dyeing it by the action of the main pump. The liquid penetrates the circulation between the cheese yarn or the fiber to achieve the dyeing.


Another common method is called warp beam dyeing. The process is mainly based on the hue and quantity requirements of the warp yarn of the fabric. The raw yarn is wound on a perforated coil on a loose warping machine to form a loose warp beam. It is installed on the carrier of the yarn dyeing machine and placed in the warp beam dyeing machine. By the action of the main pump, the dye liquor is circulated through the warp beam or fiber to achieve dip dyeing to obtain uniform color


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