Detailed explanation of the advantages of using the hair dyeing machine
Jul 27, 2018

Air-cushion structure, the wool dyeing machine has a chemical system, which contains a chemical tank and a stirrer, while the feeding and pressing system will ensure the dyeing process, at room temperature, to the fabric. Process requirements, so it is more widely used in the whole applicability, and the dyed chromaticity is also better.

The degree of automation is high, the reproducibility of the whole process is very good, and the operation and use are also very convenient. The main purpose is that the hair dyeing machine adopts the computer control mode, which makes the whole dyeing operation process belong to automation, which reduces the manual operation. The operation process in the dyeing process is poor, and the commands of each function are controlled by the electrical system.

The new design is selected, and the current domestic advanced and excellent production efficiency is adopted. The impeller in the pump can provide a relatively large amount of space and sufficient space for the dyeing process, so it is relatively strong in penetration and suitable for dyeing high difficulty. Fabric, and the dyed fabric is very high in color fastness and has a high leveling effect.

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