Detailed description of the operation rules of fabric dyeing machine
Jan 09, 2019

As an operator of the fabric dyeing machine, professional training must be carried out before the job is completed, and the test can only be carried out after the test is passed. Work properly when you are working properly and meet the requirements. Check the condition of the equipment before working every day. If the equipment has potential safety hazards, do not operate the equipment.

At the same time, in the actual operation of the fabric dyeing machine, it should be carried out according to the specified requirements. When the water is heated, the control valve should be kept gentle, and the cylinder head should be covered to prevent boiling water from being burnt. When doing hanging dyeing, all parts of the body should not reach under the hanger to prevent the hanger from falling off and hurting people. If the steamer is operated, it must be operated by the personnel who have obtained the special equipment operation permit and strictly in accordance with the requirements of the steamer operating procedures.

In addition, during the operation of the fabric dyeing machine, all the relevant dyes and auxiliaries must follow the principle of setting, timing and quantification, and prevent burns when placed in the cylinder. Keep the fire passage clear, do not block the passage, and clear the area of the water at any time to prevent falls. Water, electricity, steam, and equipment must be shut off after the end of each day.

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