Design requirements for the mechanical part of high pressure overflow dyeing machine
Jan 03, 2019

The dyeing of the fabric by the high-pressure overflow dyeing machine is actually a cycle dyeing process. The main mechanical structure is the car body, the cloth roll, the nozzle, the J-type storage tank, the sump, the cloth-discharging mechanism, and the yaw cloth. Structure, swaying mechanism, etc. The dye liquor in the dyeing tank enters the nozzle through the circulation system (including the circulating filter device, heat exchanger, etc.) under the action of the main circulation pump.


After entering the nozzle of the high-pressure overflow dyeing machine, the fabric will be subjected to the combined action of the dyeing force from the nozzle and the self-gravity, while the dye liquor is absorbed by the fabric, and then enters the nozzle elbow. The fabric is exchanged with the dye liquor, and then the fabric enters the yaw mechanism to separate the fabric from most of the dye liquor.


Next, the fabric passes through the yaw mechanism of the high pressure overflow dyeing machine and is gradually piled up in the J-shaped storage tank. Finally, the cloth lifting roller lifts the fabric from the J-shaped collecting groove to the top of the nozzle, and a fabric dyeing cycle is completed. The dyeing liquid is returned from the hole in the yaw mechanism to the sump, and then lifted by the main circulation pump to circulate and flow to realize the circulating dyeing of the dyeing

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