Design principle and efficacy of new fabric dyeing machine
Feb 04, 2019

The gas-liquid dyeing machine belongs to the new equipment of the fabric dyeing machine. Therefore, the device realizes separate control of the airflow and the dyeing liquid, and the airflow does not generate energy consumption to the dyeing liquid, thereby greatly reducing the power of the fan. The gas-liquid dyeing machine partially inherits the characteristics of the level of dyeing which has better exchange of the fabric by the overflow spray dyeing, and the extrusion of the cloth roll and the penetration of the air pressure.


Therefore, in the process of operating the fabric dyeing machine, not only the degree of leveling of the dyed fabric in a single cycle is improved, but uniform dyeing can be completed in a shorter time. For the user, the dyeing machine equipment demonstrates the low energy consumption effect from three aspects: one is the low energy consumption effect of water, steam and dyeing materials under low bath ratio conditions; the other is that the fan power is saved. The atomization of the dye liquor and the energy consumption of the dye liquor.


Moreover, the fabric dyeing machine device can effectively enhance the leveling degree of the fabric in a single cycle, and can be extended to the effect of countercurrent washing, that is, the "one-time success rate" of the dyeing and the process simplicity and optimization are improved.

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