Dehydration machine maintenance needs to pay attention to
Jul 27, 2018

1. General regulations

(1) The dehydrator and its accessories shall be maintained by a special person.

(2) Before starting the equipment, check the lubrication of the equipment, whether it is well lubricated, and if there is any problem, it should be handled in time.

(3) The speed control device of the dehydrator should be in the zero position or the low speed position when the equipment is turned on. When the equipment is turned off, it should be adjusted to zero or low speed.

(4) Motors and electrical equipment should be protected from sludge, water, etc., so as not to be damaged.

(5) No tools can be placed on the equipment and filter belt to avoid problems.

2. Monthly

(1) Check the drive motor for abnormal noise and temperature rise.

(2) Perform a comprehensive inspection of the control operation box for any problems.

3. Every year

(1) Check and replace the oil, and clean the oil tank by the way. In addition, the oil in the gear box should be replaced and it should not be missed.

(2) Check the bearing for any problems. If there is any problem, solve the problem and refill the bearing to keep it well lubricated.

(3) Perform a comprehensive overhaul of the equipment, whether there is a problem, and whether some wearing parts need to be replaced.

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