Control of metering and feeding of fabric dyeing machine
Dec 17, 2018

During the operation of the dyeing cloth dyeing machine, the staff needs to control the temperature of the dyeing machine and the auxiliary equipment and the injection time. At the same time, the injection method of the dyeing material is also paid attention to. Especially when printing light-colored fabrics, if reactive dyes are used, dyeing quality problems may occur.


That is to say, for the good control of the above factors, it will be able to improve the treatment effect of the dyeing cloth dyeing machine on the fabric to a certain extent, and give the fabric a good hand feeling. For example, in the pre-treatment process of the airflow dyeing machine, under a certain tension state, the air enthalpy of the fabric is not only provided for the reaction of the treatment, but also reduces the rigidity of the fabric fiber and restores it to Appropriate softness.


Of course, during the dyeing machine, the production process can be further improved, the energy consumption can be further improved, and the surface damage or tensile deformation of the fabric due to the long processing time can be reduced.http://

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