Control of dyeing liquor ratio of jet dyeing machine
Dec 15, 2018

The selection of the dyeing bath ratio of the jet dyeing machine should be determined by the dyeing and finishing enterprise according to the processed product at the time of formulating the process. For example, if the weight is 60~100g/m2, the bath ratio is generally controlled between 1:12 and 1:15. Because the light and thin fabrics are large in volume and long in relative length, the bath ratio should be larger. Conversely, if the processing weight is higher, the polyester/cotton (or viscose) blended fabric bath should be controlled at about 1:10.


In general, the bath size ratio of the jet dyeing machine should also be determined based on the time required for the fabric to run back in the machine. For light and thin fabrics, if the rotation speed is too fast, the more the fabric is in contact with the guide roller, the fabric interlacing points tend to slip (cracking), but on the contrary, it is easy to produce color, which is normal. For fabrics, it is also necessary to pay attention to overloading. It is not only due to the long accumulation time of the fabric in the storage tank, but also the fabric is difficult to be protected from heat unevenness during the process of staying in the machine, and it is often caused by the dyeing inside the machine. The speed of the liquid flow causes the fabric to knot and block the cloth.


That is to say, during the use of the jet dyeing machine, it is not possible to look at the bath ratio separately for the actual dyeing quality, more importantly, whether the design of the whole machine is reasonable, its mechanical controllability and the like. From the perspective of dyeing and finishing, it is necessary to look at the overall dyeing quality to make the bath ratio appropriate.

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