Cloth separation and circulation requirements for overflow dyeing machine
Feb 03, 2019

The phenomenon in which the overflow dyeing machine migrates its solid surface adsorbate to the secondary active center during use is called overflow.

The overflow dyeing machine adds a compartment at the bottom of the storage tank to allow the fabric to run in the storage tank, and the dye liquor circulates rapidly in the compartment, and only part of the fabric is immersed in the dye liquor.

Therefore, the amount of the dyeing solution is lowered, and the dyeing bath ratio is lowered to 1:7 to 1:10.

The cloth of the overflow dyeing machine is completely separated, and the fast circulating compartment of the dyeing liquid is retained. The innovation is that many gaps are opened in the partition, which can make the dyeing liquid flowing into the storage tank and the excess dye on the fabric. The liquid quickly returns to the dye interlayer through the gap in the separator, that is, it quickly enters the pipeline circulation system for circulation.

This innovative technology significantly reduces the bath ratio to 1:3.5 to 1:4 and the cotton fabric dye bath ratio is reduced to

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