Characteristics and design requirements of high temperature dyeing machine
Sep 04, 2018

The high-temperature dyeing machine will be equipped with a motor for lifting to a certain extent and variable speed control, so it can reach 600m/min at the cloth speed. The high-temperature dyeing machine adopts the structural design method to ensure that the grey cloth can be at a lower level. High-speed operation under tension, and also equipped with the impact point of the cloth blank, not only can effectively ensure the orderly stacking of the fabric in the whole dyeing tank, but also can avoid the phenomenon of dyeing and folding to the greatest extent, very good The cloth blank is improved in fluffiness and feel.


The high-temperature dyeing machine adopts a special anti-vibration baffle design, which can effectively ensure that the dyeing cloth does not rotate during the whole operation during operation, ensuring the uniformity of the whole coloring. The nozzle used is The gap can be adjusted, and the cloth can be adjusted at will according to the actual production conditions, effectively achieving full-jet dyeing or half-jet dyeing.


The dyeing cylinder of the high-temperature dyeing machine has a special internal mesh design on the main body to ensure smooth dyeing even when dyeing high-density fabrics. It can be equipped with fully automatic simulated liquid feeding and feeding. And the temperature-controlled system, the degree of the reduction of the dyeing tank is relatively poor.

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