Causes of internal faults in jet dyeing machine
Jan 28, 2019

During the use of the jet dyeing machine, it is inevitable that some unexpected situations will occur. For example, the flange part leaks, the main reasons are: the bolt is loose, the gasket is aging, and the damage is broken. The measures that should be taken in time are to tighten the bolts and replace the gaskets. If the automatic valve fails to start, it is most likely due to a drop in operating air pressure, or the shaft of the pneumatic cylinder or the mandrel of the solenoid valve is stuck.


In case of this problem, first check and confirm whether the air pressure of the jet dyeing machine is normal, and then disassemble and clean the pneumatic cylinder or solenoid valve in time. If the valve leaks, it may be due to foreign matter mixing, unable to fully open, or the valve seat is damaged, and the leakage gasket is worn. The measures that can be taken are: removing foreign matter, replacing the valve seat, locking the stuffing box or renewing.


If the inspection reveals that the mechanical seal of the jet dyeing machine leaks, the main reason is: partial wear of the mechanical shaft seal, aging or damage of the sealing gasket. If the mechanical shaft seal wears quickly, mainly due to insufficient cooling or insufficient water injection, it is necessary to confirm whether the cooling water is sufficient and clean the water injection

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