Basic structure and function of overflow dyeing machine
Jan 31, 2019

During the fabric dyeing operation, the overflow dyeing machine mainly transports the cloth to the dyeing tank by means of the dye liquid sprayed by the nozzle, and then passes through the finishing mechanism of the tail of the dyeing tank to arrange the cloths neatly and sequentially to the front. In front of the dyeing tank, the fabric wheel is lifted upwards and the direction of the cloth is changed, and the nozzle is reciprocated to cycle.


The main components of the overflow dyeing machine include a heater, a filter, a circulation pump, a dosing tank, and a cloth discharge device. The machine itself is equipped with a special nozzle mechanism, which is especially suitable for: silk, hand cloth, hemp cloth, strong crepe cloth, ultra-fine fiber and many other kinds of cloth, refining desizing, pre-shrinking, untwisting, dyeing and various processing. The special exhaust gas water separation device adjusts the gas-water separation speed according to the difference of the cloth type, so that the cloth can be arranged neatly, without wrapping or blocking.


The overflow dyeing machine is not only functional, but also maintains stable operation for a long time. At the same time, it is equipped with an overflow water washing function, which can quickly clean the residual liquid after dyeing. When cleaning the dyeing tank, the water can be completely filled to the highest water level to achieve a sufficient washing effect. For the user, using the fully automatic dye control system can save time and increase

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