Basic principle and operation requirements of Eco Dyeing Machine
Nov 10, 2018

The energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine maintains the basic principle of the overflow dyeing machine during the use, but the bath ratio is as low as 1:4~4.5, and the water washing effect is also very good. Compared with the traditional dyeing machine, the total water consumption is greatly reduced. The steam is also greatly saved, and it is a new generation of low carbon dyeing machine that integrates electricity saving, water saving and steam saving.


The energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine can precisely control the nozzle flow through the servo drive system for different dyeing needs. In order to ensure the balance of pressure and flow in the dyeing process of the dyeing machine, the nozzle is based on the balanced conveying principle of the unified diversion by the header, and the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine adopts a liquid collecting and separate conveying system to reduce each Infusion difference between nozzles.


The dyeing liquid of the energy-saving and environment-friendly dyeing machine increases the frequency of dyeing and fabric exchange by the two-way circulation of the lateral circulation system, which greatly improves the dyeing speed of the dyeing process, and thus improves the mixing and leveling effect of the dyeing liquid. The entire equipment is equipped with a preparatory cylinder, which solves the problem of small volume of the chemical cylinder.


The energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dyeing machine adopts a new type of computer controller, simple operation, powerful dyeing function command to control the most complicated dyeing mechanical action. The controller functions include monitoring and controlling the mechanical process. It can be operated not only separately, but also in the central control system and the central feeding system.

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