Analysis of color flower problems in dyeing of fabric dyeing machine
Feb 14, 2019

The dyeing of fabric dyeing machines may be caused by many reasons. For example, if the dyeing process is unreasonable or improperly operated, color flowers will be produced. The factors include: unreasonable process (such as too fast lifting temperature). Knotted when dyeing, power failure during dyeing; too fast heating, insufficient holding time; scouring is not clean, the PH value of the cloth surface is uneven; the uniformity of the cloth surface before treatment.


At the same time, it may be a problem of equipment. If the dyeing capacity of the fabric dyeing machine used is too large, too long, or the dyeing machine is running too slowly, it is easy to produce color flowers.


In addition, it may be a raw material problem, a dye problem, a water quality problem, and an auxiliary problem selected. If the water quality is not good, the dye will be combined with metal ions or the dyes and impurities will be agglomerated to cause color, and the light color will not be attached. The dye bath pH control is not ideal, or the amount of additives is not appropriate, which will affect the final effect of the fabric dyeing

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