Advice on prevention of abnormal problems for the fabric dyeing machine
Jan 23, 2019

During the dyeing process of the fabric dyeing machine, some abnormal problems will inevitably occur.

Among them, the more common ones are spots and color spots on the surface of the fabric. 

The main reasons are: dye agglomeration, and oligomers are produced in the dye bath.

In response to this phenomenon, the measures that can be taken are: if the electrolyte in the dye bath is too much, the electrolyte in the dye bath should be minimized, and a good compatibility agent should be selected.

At the same time, the dyeing time and dyeing rate should be properly controlled, and the cleaning and maintenance of the fabric dyeing machine should be strengthened. 

If there is a problem of elongation, the main reasons and measures are: the cloth capacity is too low, the cloth transport distance becomes longer, and the tension is increased, and the moderate capacity should be controlled; 

The level of the dye solution is set too high, thus increasing the resistance between the water and the cloth. The liquid level should be kept as low as possible.

Causes and prevention methods of fluffing and abrasion: the diameter of the nozzle of the fabric dyeing machine is too small, so that the nozzle pressure is too large, the nozzle of suitable diameter should be selected according to the gram weight of the dye, so that the injection pressure is moderate and should not be too large; 

The ratio of the speed of the cloth to the rotation speed of the guide wheel is out of balance, so that the two should be commensurate;

When handling the semi-finished products, it should be handled gently to prevent impact and scratches; when opening the frame, manual opening should be

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