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Jigger Dyeing Machine

Normal Temperature Jigger Dyeing Machine

Normal Temperature Jigger Dyeing Machine is suitable for various fabrics such as cotton, linen, nylon, synthetic and synthetic silk etc. in the pre-processing and post-processing, dyeing and other processes at the normal temperature. The equipment works at a constant constant tension and constant liner speed.
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Normal Temperature Jigger Dyeing Machine

1. Brief introduction to Normal Temperature Jigger Dyeing Machine

The series products are designed with further improved mechanical and electrical control on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced jigger techniques and client demands. By using up-to-date technology, the products are elaborately fabricated and strictly tested. The complete equipment can be operated reliably, economically and practically. As a result, the products obtain a high reputation among clients.


2. Technical specifications of Normal Temperature Jigger Dyeing Machine

Diameter of main roller: φ325mm.

Max. diameter of cloth roll: φ1000mm.

Max. working fabric width: 1600~3400mm

Adjustable fabric rate: 20~100m/min.

Tension of fabrics: 2~55kg

Overall dimensions: 1800~3515×1900×2267mm

Weight: About 4 T



3. Configurations of Normal Temperature Jigger Dyeing Machine

1) Whole machine is dual frequency converter control system, human-computer operation interface. 

2) Set of constant tension, constant linear speed. 

3) Functions of manual, automatic, speed up, slow down. 

4) Automatic head back, automatic record the lines, automatic stop machine, automatic swing function if line is full. 

5) Whole machine automatic temperature control, technological operation. 

6) Operation screen programmable set, technology storage, automatic identification, automatic alarm.


4. Advantages of Normal Temperature Jigger Dyeing Machine

The equipment serves the automatic functions of travel count, count, direction change, reverse, stop, etc. Due to the high automation level, the products can operate more stably, reliably and accurately. It is the most economical jigger dyeing machine in our country.

It is widely applicable for development demands of small amount and multi-species in the printing and dyeing industries, and integrates with processes such as desizing, scouring and bleaching & dyeing, and it has characteristics such as advanced design, reasonable structure, wide adaptability, excellent performance, safe and reliable operation. 


5. FAQ

Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are a manufacturer with our own factory. The company integrates dyeing machine manufacturing, processing, sales and export trading.

Q2: What is the payment terms?

A: 30% of order value by T/T in advance, 60% of order value by T/T before shipment, 10% of order value by T/T in 6 months.

Q3: What is the delivery time of your dyeing machines?

A: In general, the delivery time of our dyeing machines is about 30 days after payment, customized machine will be delivered as the negotiation with our clients.

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