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Environmental Dyeing Machine

Environmental Dyeing Machine

Under the global trend of green production, low liquor ratio is the first priority for customers to choose a dyeing machine to maximize water savings. Tiandong machinery strives to satisfy the customers'objective of lowering the liquor ratio. Compared with the previous generation of energy-saving dyeing machines, TDM-500B could lower the production costs with higher dyeing quality of fabric.
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Environmental dyeing machine

1. Brief introduction to TDM-500B hthp environmental dyeing machine

TDM-500B hthp environmental dyeing machine has the features of low liquor ratio, low power consumption, low maintenance cost and first-class fabric dyeing quality. The product is suitable for the dyeing of all types of knitted and woven fabrics: Cotton, Modal, Viscose, Tencel, Rayon, Wool, Acrylic, Lyocell, Nylon, Polyester blended and lycra blended, etc.

TDM-500B hthp environmental dyeing machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with pressure vessel standards GB 150. While adjusting the liquor ratio of different fabrics to the minimum 1:3.8, TDM-500B dyeing machine further reduces the liquor ratio of synthetic fibers. The well-designed dyeing process operates horizontally relative to the vertical running of the fabrics, making the staining fluid perfect and harmonious.


2. Technical specifications of TDM-500B hthp eco dyeing machine

1)Main cylinder

Maximum operating Speed: 400m per minute

Maximum working temperature: 140°C

Maximum working pressure: 0.35 Mpa


2)Temperature increase rate

5°C per minute on average from 25 to 100°C

2.5°C per minute on average from 100 to 130°C

(Pressure of dry saturated vapor: 0.7Mpa)


3)Temperature deduction rate

3°C per minute on average from 130 to 100°C

2°C per minute on average from 100 to 85°C

(Cooling water pressure: 0.3Mpa, 25°C)


4)Multifunctional preparation tank (optional)

Maximum working temperature: 85°C

Maximum working pressure: normal pressure

Temperature increase rate: 4°C per minute on average from 25 to 85°C (Pressure of dry saturated vapor: 0.7Mpa)



3. Configurations of TDM-500B hthp soft flow environmental dyeing machine

1)Built-in cloth-lifting roller: It is independent and belt driven. The synchronized cloth-lifting roll could realize a balanced staining effect of fabrics. The low lift height makes the fabric less stringy than other energy-saving dyeing machines.

2)Continuous variable speed cloth-lifting roll: The roll could be adjusted by the operating personnel. The fastest speed reaches 500 m/min. The quick stop devices and winding-free system could avoid the winding of the fabric in fast running.

3)100% preparation tank: The preparation tank can prepare dyeing fluid for the entire dyeing process and automatically charge dye liquor. In this way, the prepared tank solves the problem of long time for the sulfide to dissolve due to the small volume of the barrel, saving time for the entire dyeing process.

4)Ultra-large TFT touch screen controller: It not only can enable the controlling personnel to carry out simple and effective dyeing operation procedures, but also can save the dyeing process for different fabrics, thus provide necessary guaranty for the unity of the staining.

5)Well-designed dyeing process: The well-designed dyeing process operates horizontally relative to the vertical running of the fabrics, making the staining fluid perfect and harmonious.

6)Scraper-like filter: It can effectively remove the residue of long hair fabric in the holes of the net cylinder, avoid clogging, and enable quick and even circulating of dyeing fluid.



4. Advantages of TDM-500B hthp low liquor ratio dyeing machine

Safe and stable

The dyeing machines are strictly tested and have no leakage.

The fabrics could run smoothly and have good stability.


Large capacity and compact structure (saving land)

Efficient operation and reasonable process design (saving time)

Easy to operate, user-friendly design (saving effort)

Energy saving and eco friendly

Low liquor ratio, low waste water discharge

Low consumption of water, steam and power

Best before and after sale service

Before sale: provide free professional consultation

After sale: whole machine warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance; consumables warranty for six months

5. FAQ

Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are a manufacturer with our own factory. The company integrates dyeing machine manufacturing, processing, sales and export trading.

Q2: What countries are your products that are mainly exported?

A: Our dyeing machines are sold well throughout the country and exported to Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Mauritius, Algeria, Ethiopia, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Peru, Chile.

Q3: What is your quality?

A: Quality is the most important factor in the growth of our business. Owing to the dependability of our quality control award, we aim to focus on sustaining quality in all our machines. When specific requirements occur, we have the skilled, trained workers and proficient engineers to give customized solution. The products obtained CE certification in 2015.


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