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Eco Dyeing Machine

Eco Friendly Dyeing Machine

TDM eco friendly dyeing machine is suitable for the dyeing of all types of knitted and woven fabrics: Cotton, Modal, Viscose, Tencel, Rayon, Wool, Acrylic, Lyocell, Nylon, Polyester blended and lycra blended, etc, aiming to provide customers with complete solutions 'efficient, energy saving, environmental friendly'. The state-of-the-art design fulfills the criteria of 'low cost, high quality, environmental friendly'.
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Eco Friendly Dyeing Machine

1. Brief introduction to TDM hthp eco friendly dyeing machine

TDM eco friendly dyeing machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with pressure vessel standards GB 150. The machine adopts a well-designed dyeing liquor circulation system, making the fabric run smoothly at a very low liquor ratio of 1: 4-5. The combination of the fabric lifting system, bipolar nozzles and fabric guide tubes enables the fabric to run at a speed of up to 400 m/min, making it suitable for different fabric dyeing processes.


2. Technical specifications of TDM hthp soft flow dyeing machine

1)Main cylinder

Maximum operating Speed: 400m per minute

Maximum working temperature: 140°C

Maximum working pressure: 0.35 Mpa


2)Temperature increase rate

5°C per minute on average from 25 to 100°C

2.5°C per minute on average from 100 to 130°C

(Pressure of dry saturated vapor: 0.7Mpa)


3)Temperature deduction rate

3°C per minute on average from 130 to 100°C

2°C per minute on average from 100 to 85°C

(Cooling water pressure: 0.3Mpa, 25°C)


4)Multifunctional preparation tank (optional)

Maximum working temperature: 85°C

Maximum working pressure: normal pressure

Temperature increase rate: 4°C per minute on average from 25 to 85°C (Pressure of dry saturated vapor: 0.7Mpa)


The TDM series of eco friendly dyeing machines offers various models with different capacities to satisfy the requirements of different customers'need, making the process more flexible and efficient.


3. Configurations of TDM eco friendly fabric dyeing machine

1)All parts in touch with dye liquor is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel

2)Stainless steel centrifugal pump

3)Runners are driven by motor via frequency converter


5)Swinging plaiting machine

6)VI fabric container

7)Automatic disentangling device

8)Heat exchanger for heating and cooling valves with temperature control

9)Pneumatic valves for water filling and discharge function

10)Built-in rinsing device

11)Quick pressurizing and relieving system

12)Liquid level indicator

13)Dye barrel equipped with adding material pump, valve, stirrers and quantitative charging system with precise flow control device


4. Advantages of TDM soft flow fabric dyeing machine

Safe and stable

The dyeing machines are strictly tested and have no leakage.

The fabrics could run smoothly and have good stability.


Large capacity and compact structure (saving land)

Efficient operation and reasonable process design (saving time)

Easy to operate, user-friendly design (saving effort)

Energy saving and eco friendly

Low liquor ratio, low waste water discharge

Low consumption of water, steam and power

Best before and after sale service

Before sale: provide free professional consultation

After sale: whole machine warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance; consumables warranty for six months


5. Work flow of TDM low liquor ratio fabric dyeing machine

image005 - 副本.jpg


6. FAQ

Q1: What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me samples?

A: Our minimum quantity is 3 sets, as our products are machinery equipments, it’s difficult to send you samples. However, we can send you catalogs, and warmly welcome you to visit our company.

Q2: What is the payment terms?

A: 30% of order value by T/T in advance, 60% of order value by T/T before shipment, 10% of order value by T/T in 6 months.

Q3: What about the after-sale services?

A: Without man-made faults, the warranty is 12 months after commissioning, spare parts can be replaced within 6 months since the delivery of the dyeing machines. Engineers are available to provide overseas mechanical services, commissioning and technical support.

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