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We supply balanced mixed flow pump or centrifugal pump of high efficiency and high corrosion resistance.
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1. Brief introduction to dyeing pumps

We supply balanced mixed flow pump or centrifugal pump of high efficiency and high corrosion resistance.


2. Types of dyeing pumps

The dyeing liquid circulation of the cheese dyeing machine requires a timed reversal of the dyeing liquid passing through the cheese yarn according to the dyeing requirements, that is, the inside-outside or outside-in circulation. At present, most cheese dyeing machines use centrifugal pumps or mixed-flow pumps, and the reversing device is used to achieve the reversal of the circulating dye liquor.

The balanced mixed-flow pumps, as well as combination of axial and centrifugal principles, can deliver greater liquor flow and higher heading for uniform dyeing effect at less energy consumption.


3. X plating reversing device of dyeing pumps

The X plating reversing device is the simplest one among all reversing devices. Its characteristic is that the dye liquor changes steadily, there is no impact, and the hydraulic characteristics are better. It can infiltrate the inside and outside of the cheese yarn layer while the main cylinder is loading yarn. Especially when the water enters quickly, it can not only ensure uniform water absorption inside and outside the cheese yarn layer, but also does not like the one-way influx of water. In addition, the reliability of the valve plate structure is very good and generally does not cause failure. At present, the more advanced cheese dyeing machines basically use this reversing structure.



Q1: What countries are your products that are mainly exported?

A: Our dyeing machines are sold well throughout the country and exported to Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Mauritius, Algeria, Ethiopia, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Peru, Chile.

Q2: What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me samples?

A: Our minimum quantity is 3 sets, as our products are machinery equipments, it’s difficult to send you samples. However, we can send you catalogs, and warmly welcome you to visit our company.

Q3: What is your quality?

A: Quality is the most important factor in the growth of our business. Owing to the dependability of our quality control award, we aim to focus on sustaining quality in all our machines. When specific requirements occur, we have the skilled, trained workers and proficient engineers to give customized solution. The products obtained CE certification in 2015.

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